Step by step Liyan Broker video tutorial

Step 1. Sign up and Login

By registering in Liyan Broker, you will have access to various financial markets through its trading platform, and as an investor and trader, you will have access to all types of transactions. Registering in Liyan Broker allows you to control and manage your trading accounts. You can use your trading platform to access accounts, view transactions, check positions, manage orders, view account history and monitor your capital.

Step 2. Password Reset (Optional)

Password is one of the main and basic tools to protect our personal information and online accounts, while the registration in Liyan Broker is to access the financial markets, the security of the user account is also very important. One of the most important security measures is to use a strong password for the user account. However, at times, investors may forget or lose their passwords. Take preventive security measures to avoid future password recovery issues.

Step 3. Liyan KYC

The verification process with Liyan Broker offers benefits such as enhanced security, regulatory compliance, account protection, access to full services, faster transactions, trust and credibility, and personalized support. Completing the verification process not only ensures a secure trading environment but also opens up opportunities for a more comprehensive and tailored trading experience.

Step 4. Deposit & Withdrawal

Deposit funds involves placing money into an account for safekeeping and financial purposes, while withdrawing funds refers to the act of taking money out of an account to be used for various transactions or to convert into physical cash. Both deposit and withdrawal are integral to financial transactions, providing individuals and businesses with the flexibility and access to their funds as needed.

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